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Change. Change. Change.

a close up of a restaurant

Change, Change, Change. So much change.
As of now, I know of 20+ restaurants, 30+ retail shoppes and 15+ professional services businesses in Key West that are closing,,, or rather,,, not re-opening. As of today, there are Jet Ski, Bakery, Helicopter, Ghost Tour, Head Boat, Charter Boats, Commercial Boat Slips and other businesses up for sale. Key West, like other places, are in for big changes and a big turnover.
But, is still here, and will continue to be here. We are well established in Tour Operations and Vacation Planning for over 10 years now!
We will soon be offering our variety of Food, Drink and History Tours, some of the old ones, and we are working on a couple of new ones. Things will change, because some of our tour partners may or may not make it to ‘the other side’, but we will and we will be looking forward to showcasing the best Key West has to offer.
We will also be offering our FREE concierge services of all things fun in Key West. Be it Land, Air, or Sea….. JUST ASK ME! Our concierge services and total vacation planning packages will be offered free of charge, and we have started a new website so that you can BOOK DIRECT with all the fun adventures that we recommend. Booking Direct is the safest way, we think the only way, and the way forward. Booking direct saves the tour operators money by not having to pay the exorbitant, greedy commissions of those 3rd party resellers. Make this year especially profitable for local companies and please…. BOOK DIRECT! BOOKING DIRECT this year will help save local business that are going to be struggling through a very rough transition. Key West will not be back to normal…. Ok, WE NEVER WERE!, But things won’t be back to 100 % this year, and as the experts are warning, our next year will also be a rough one. And, I almost hate to mention this, but as our community is going to be reopening, hurricane season will just be starting….ugggggggh. This will be survival of the fittest! Which brings me to: BOOK DIRECT !!!
We have for that last 10 years also offered Accommodation Planning and Booking. This year we will NOT. Any bookings made with local accommodations, we will be asking you to book direct and make very sure, in writing, that the accommodation will be offering refunds or re-booking options especially for the next 2 years. Accommodations that are here today, may not be here tomorrow, so make sure you buy travel insurance and you book direct knowing that at last recourse, your credit card company can get you a refund if the business, goes out of business. Many accommodations are also going to be offerings plans like ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ and ‘No Deposit’ bookings. Again, by booking directly and avoiding the very transient, high turn over online concierges and 3rd party booking agents, you will have the best assurance that you are dealing with the properties 1st hand and you will have direct credit card protection, that can’t be gained if you deal with a 3rd party or online concierge service that may have already of flown the coup. Protect your dollars and always book direct, I cannot emphasize this to much in these uneasy, unsure times.
As always, we are here, time tested and ready to help you have Fun in Key West. We will also be on top of the many changes and help to keep your vacation fun and as financially protected as possible!
We are the Key West Food, Drink and Storytelling Authority and your ‘go to’ source for ALL your vacation fun plan making.
Drop us an email with any questions you may have, we are trying our best to get you answers quickly.
We hope to see you in Key West soon!

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