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Come for the History, Stay for the Food and Drink!


We Serve up The Best ‘Fuels’ and ‘Spirits’ right here in Key West Florida.

‘Fuel’ in Key West comes in a lot of forms.  We highlight the best of Key West!

Our Tours literally takes you on a walk through time as we visit what we like to call: The Key West Bucket List ~  must see, must have, must eat, must drink, must experience, must touch, must hear, must share, must Discover Tour! Come as you are is the attitude of the island, and we will make sure you leave a little different!  One of our City’s Motto’s is: We’re all here, cause We’re not all there! Another is: We Exist as a State of Mind. Another Is: One Human Family.  Another is: Nearly Perfect, Far from Normal.  Another other is: Where the Weird go Pro.  And, My favorite: A Place where a Chicken can cross the road, and not have it’s motives questioned!

As we take ya’ll through the great historic areas of Old Town Key West and take a ‘Bight’ out of  The Key West Historic Seaport you will experience the drink and food favorites of some of the best dinners, dives &  do-not-drive-by’s. You will not only enjoy the stories of how our varied cuisine came into existence and popularity, but how much has actually maintained it’s sustainability!  Of course food without drink is just crazy!, it’s just NOT how we roll here in Key West,  so we pair each of our tasty offerings at every stop with an Adult Beverage or two.  Some of our stops even have exciting choices, and  most importantly, each of our stops have a bathroom!  Along the way you are going to learn so much about the cultural influences that have created our quirky little piece of paradise and visit some homesteads, businesses, warehouses, holes-in-the-walls, and infamous haunts of some of our Colorful Cast of Key West Characters, some of which are literally haunted!

Our Island has been steeped in time by the influences by Pirates, fishermen, salvers, slave traders, wreckers, eccentrics, musicians, magicians, song writers, book writers, playwrights, poets, shipbuilders, rum runners, gun runners, square grouper distributors and of course the occasional Mermaid!  You are going to hear so much about so much, that we’ll even promise you will  probably only remember a 1/3rd. (this may also have something to do with the drinks we include)

Join us on one of our tours. Whether you are a Foodie, a Lover of Libations, a Pirate at Heart, Enchanted with our High Seas and Ships, or intrigued by the hundreds of years of our Haunted Historical and hysterical past and present of Key West, we have a tour for you!

See you in Key West soon. If you are arriving by Land, Air or Sea, make your first tour with me!  Your Island Experience will be Captained by Yours Truly.


Capt. K’Raven

Watch for our next blog called: We don’t wear watches, cause we’re on Key Lime Time

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