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44 Islands & 42 Bridges From Reality

This was an article in part that I think, has been very well written and wanted to share. Of course I have edited and added a little bit of my personal sprinkles in the Key West Section as I consider myself the ‘Key West Food, Drink and Story Telling Authority’. Sincerely Yaarrs, Capt. K’Raven. Seagulls and squadrons of brown pelicans flew alongside my rented Hyundai as I drove across the astonishing seven-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 1 that runs across Moser Sound, just south of Marathon, in the Florida Keys. The proximity of birds and water blurred the distinctions between sea and sky, drive and flight. The string of coral islands that arc from the Florida peninsula south toward Havana has a long history of attracting pirates, profiteers and seekers of a Caribbean lifestyle within the United States. Henry Flagler,…

Living the Key Lime Life

Key Lime Pies and Pink Flamingos. Both colorful delights are highly thought of as a celebrated and historical Florida things, but are they? Our Special Key West Flamingos Magical Key Limes What’s the big deal and claims about Key Wests most favorite citrus fruit? Well, the Key Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) NOT to be confused or…